A Disagreement Among Relatives

Wed 28th Jan 2004

Dollar-denominated exports accounted for 48% of Japan’s overall exports in 2003, which meant they fell below 50% for the first time since the MOF began collecting the data three years ago. Exports to subsidiaries operating in China accounted for a large portion of the increase in yen invoicing.

Yesterday’s History

Tuesday 20th January 2004

‘The latest batch of revisions to the National Accounts series emanating from the Bureau of Economic Affairs is worthy of inclusion among the many Stalinist modifications of past proclamations of the achievements of the heroic workers in setting yet new records in the production of pig iron….

Monthly Insight:- January Special

January 2004 – What have Governments done with our money?

Such are the subtleties of modern international finance that there are at work two widely-discussed phenomena which are closely interlinked in such a way that both US and Japanese broad monetary aggregates are failing to reflect the true picture of ongoing, central bank-sponsored credit creation

An Outbreak of Sars

Wednesday 14th Jan 2004

‘Though politics may yet trump sound economics on this issue, the Europeans know that they are being blackmailed by the US into pursuing dangerously loose monetary policy, to add to the fiscal variety already being practiced by some of their governments…’

Cutting the Cable

Tuesday 13th January 2004

 ‘Despite the bad press it always gets, there is nothing inherently wrong about the existence of a trade gap, per se.

Indeed, depending upon the context, a trade gap, rather than being a badge of shame, can, in fact, be an economic badge of merit. It can, but is it? …’