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January 2004 – What have Governments done with our money?Such are the subtleties of modern international finance that there are at work two widely-discussed phenomena which are closely interlinked in such a way that both US and Japanese broad monetary aggregates are failing to reflect the true picture of ongoing, central bank-sponsored credit creation

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In Some Considerable Discomfort – 30th Jan 2004’Thanks to the dynamics of the inherent instability to which lax monetary and fiscal policy have given rise, this most insubstantial of semantic shifts by the Fed has been enough to cause major upheavals in the pricing of global capital and has introduced yet more ‘brutal moves’ and ‘volatility’ into prices…’ 

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Infinite Pains  –  first published 3rd June 2003’There are, indeed, hints that the upshot of the G8 summit – as contained in the various central bank submissions to the ongoing International Monetary Conference in Berlin this week – is that, fearful of the pointed threat of a unilateral dollar devaluation, exactly such a policy will indeed be prosecuted in the coming months.’  Click below to read this article and also for a backdated free sample of the Monthly Insight.

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